The beginning of Joya Homes and Educare

Joya Homes and Educare was founded in 2010 by a mother and her friends with a desire to help abandoned children.

This is the story…

Many years ago a woman’s heart was deeply touched by an encounter with two street childen in front of a gym and a dream was born to ‘one day’ help abandoned children. Eight years later this woman’s path crossed the doorstep of a mother who took care of sixteen abandoned children in a tiny shack with no running water and very little resources. It was out of this need and the joining of sincere hearts that Joya Homes and Educare was born.

Joya Homes and Educare aims to provide a suitable house, access to proper educational programmes and adequate support to foster mothers and foster children. Joya Homes and Educare is an associate of ‘Home from Home’, an organisation that successfully assist 35 foster homes. They provide supervision and day to day guidance in the management of a foster home. Together we support foster parents in our network with every aspect of parenting to ensure the foster children are getting the best care possible.


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Joya Homes and Educare | NPC: 2010/015973/08 | PBO: 930041843 | NPO: 203 547
Board Members: Joanita de Bruyn (Chairperson) | Gerrit Kruger | Joannette Kruger | Theresa Fourie | Bernard Wentzel (Business Secretary) |

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